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Publication: PASCACK PRESS
Date: September 13 2006


The Jewels for LifeSometimes, difficulties and hardships inspire wonderful ideas. This is the case for Pascack Valley resident Lisa Price.

Price started a business called the Jewels For Life, a jewelry company which donates some proceeds to multiple charities for sick children. Price has made it possible for people to not only purchase a gift for someone, or even themselves, but they can participate in a charitable cause.

After her 3-year-old son Noah passed away of cancer last year. Price was inspired to do what she could to help families with sick children.

“I always loved jewelry and things that express individuality,” Price tells Pascack Press. “After Noah passed away, I created the business Jewels for Life, which started out as a jewelry with messages of hope and courage on the pieces.”

Before starting this inspirational jewelry business, Price created the Noah’s Gifts Foundation, named after her son in October 2005. “We keep him very much alive through the foundation, which helps children with cancer.

“We will sit in the hospital with the sick children, so that the family can go home, or in many cases just go to work. This is called respite care and is all volunteer. Each month we give money to those families with kids with serious illnesses," Price explains.

Noah’s Gifts Foundation also raises money through fundraisers. Last May, the group held a walk-a-thon from Smith School to George White where a few thousand dollars was raised for Noah’s Gifts Foundation.

“There’s been a lot of support from Pascack Valley,” said Price, who is currently seeking more volunteers for both the foundation and Jewels for Life.

Since opening the business earlier in 2006, Jewels for Life has expanded. Currently, Price purchases pieces from over 40 designers located all over the world. There are natural looking pieces, gemstones and even some wares from tribes in Africa. There are also some one-of-a-kind pieces. Price then sells the jewelry, along with other gift items, to boutiques in New Jersey and New York, some of which are located in the Pascack Valley. Prices of the jewelry range from $15 upwards.

“The jewelry satisfies everyone’s styles ranging from sparkling gemstones to pieces of nature made into jewelry. One common thread is that the jewelry and other gift items have some from of meaning and personal expression,” says Price.

Jewels for Life also hosts parties. Locals can host a Jewels or Life party in a home or in the office, and Price will bring the goodies. One of the perks to hosting one of these parties is a gift of free jewelry.
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