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The Noah’s Gifts Foundation (NGF) was established in honor of Noah Price, a dynamic little boy who didn’t let a big thing like cancer stand in his way.

Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor shortly after birth, Noah defied all odds and insisted on enjoying each moment of his life to the fullest. Although Noah spent countless hours, days, and months in various hospitals, he was determined to fill each day with smiles and laughter, hugs and kisses, tickles and games. Wherever his journey took him, Noah did not allow the pain he endured or the bleak surroundings he found himself in to affect his happiness and radiating love. Noah profoundly changed the lives of all those fortunate enough to spend time with him. When you walked into Noah’s room you walked away a changed soul. Doctors, nurses, volunteers, friends, and family all joined together to support Noah during his tumultuous, yet heartwarming journey. They also merited being by his side playing, giggling, and feeling that they were the most special person in the world. With his big bright smile, entertaining humor, and tight hugs, Noah made sure that you felt your troubles melt away as you became engrossed in the laughter and bliss that was Noah’s world. Shockingly, after spending two years fighting brain cancer, Noah was diagnosed with secondary leukemia. Even as another stone was hurled into his path, Noah continued to laugh, play, and deeply touch people all around him with his awe-inspiring goodness.

Noah’s room was turned into a joyful haven in the midst of the hospital chaos. Surrounded by his favorite Elmo toys, Barney videos, and Dumbo storybook, Noah continued to emanate happiness and love to all who came his way. As time passed, this three year old child, wise beyond his years, inspired and amassed a community of family, friends, and volunteers dedicated to assisting children like himself.

In October 2005, surrounded in body and spirit by those he immeasurably affected, Noah left this world.After his passing, stories of Noah’s impact on the hundreds of people who crossed his path began to pour in. Noah’s positive influence on all who knew him was tremendous. His family including his twin sister and his older sister, and friends were all inspired by his purity, kindheartedness, and his love for living in the moment. Noah’s three short years were filled with lifetimes of joy. All who knew Noah were sad for those who did not get to meet him and worried that the spread of his influence would come to a standstill.

In response, and with the guidance of extraordinary meaningful memories of Noah, Lisa Price and her family and friends formed the Noah’s Gifts Foundation. The purpose of this organization is to continue to spread Noah’s smile to families who have children battling cancer and other catastrophic illness by relieving some of their burden. The master plan is to reach across spectrums of diagnosis, prognosis, demographics, and ethnicity in the spirit of the togetherness that Noah imbued in us. Through the foundation the immeasurable gifts bestowed on all by Noah will continue to be passed on to others.
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